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Welcome to Cupcakes by D'signz, where our pastries are lovingly crafted with you in mind! We take pride in preserving the timeless tradition of baking, inspired by the cherished memories of my late Grandmother Irene. Watching her create delectable treats like bread pudding and cornbread during my visits left an indelible mark on my baking journey. While Grandma Irene didn't specialize in cakes, her bread pudding was unparalleled, and I could devour a pan of it in one sitting. As the oldest of four siblings, I often found myself baking for my younger brother and sisters. My husband, Donald, encouraged me to share my culinary creations with others after witnessing the joy my Sweet Potato Nut Bread brought to family gatherings, especially alongside a cup of coffee. One Thanksgiving, with leftover sweet potatoes from making my signature Sweet Potato Pie, Donald suggested baking a loaf of Sweet Potato Nut Bread for his co-worker in need of a pick-me-up. To our surprise, the entire cake disappeared before lunchtime, sparking a demand for more. Thus, Donald became my unofficial "Cake Man," delivering my treats to eager recipients. With the unwavering support of my family, I ventured into teaching baking classes at a local community center, initially focusing on children. My daughters stood by my side, ensuring everything ran smoothly, while my son took samples to his workplace at the airport, spreading the word about my baked delights. Their encouragement fuels my passion and keeps me motivated on this sweet journey.
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